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Lilith @ 3:30 PM 0Listeners

It's a slow day today at the office since most already filed for a leave and enjoy the very long weekend. Unfortunately, I'm not lucky enough to score a leave because I have deadlines today.
Ahh, it's pretty quiet here and it makes us all very sleepy, not a
good thing , I'm starting to doze off while typing >.< . Anyway, to ward off the sleepiness and boredom, I went fishing for a bit. ^^

Meet my ever so poor Gaia Online Avatar. I'm not good at fishing, thus I can't afford clothes and accessories.
Lilith @ 6:31 PM 0Listeners

I went to a friend's birthday party last night and saw this cute "aspin" (new name for askal - asong pinoy), that looks like a labrador. Mau named her Charcoal, our friend's dad who owns the house said that someone from their province is selling her off for 750 php. The poor thing looked so sad and alone, everybody wanted to adopt her. I want to adopt her but the problem is mom and dad don't like female dogs. Mom agreed to keep her but in one condition, I must have her spayed, to prevent unwanted pregnancy and litter. Do you guys know a clinic who offers cheap spaying services? I already inquired at PAWS and their spaying service is on hold because of lack of medicines while CARA charges at least 1,000. Is this the cheapest rate I can get? What is the usual rate for a spaying service? Sorry, I'm a noob when it comes to female spaying, my dad is the one who neuters our male dogs so this is the first time that I will ask a "professional" to do it.
Lilith @ 1:53 PM 0Listeners

Good day to all. New update! Yay! I thank God for granting me these few minutes to update my blog. I got my annual physical exam results last month and unfortunately, I dropped a few pounds and I'm now underweight, aside from that, I also have UTI. Stress is one big factor, my mom, doctor, and friends advised me to take a little break from time to time. So ever since Feb, I'm trying my hardest to distance myself from MMORPGs and work bit by bit.

Enter the "epic" YM conferences with friends. Me and friends were lucky enough to be employed in companies that allows browsing and instant messaging. So we get to talk to each other during working hours and most of us are addicted to Facebook games and various flash mini games.

Ooops gotta go. I will post more about various mini games that I've been playing in my next entry. ^^ .
Lilith @ 11:45 AM 0Listeners

Last March 9, I was interviewed by pRO's Brand Manager Carlo Ople a.k.a. Waukeen .

Click here to read more about it. ^^
Lilith @ 8:23 PM 0Listeners

Wintertsuki brought us some treats. Nuts, lots of them, her dad is in the country and brought home sacks of almonds, so she brought some to the office and we've been nibbling them for the past week now. She also gave me a bar of chocolate because she can't eat it. Lucky ~ .

I went to my parent's house during the weekends, it's a requirement if I want to stay in my apartment longer. But I might stay in my apartment for good, because my Dad decided that he would tend to our fields in Masbate permanently. This means, no one will pick me up or drive me around the metro, and living in Makati seems more feasible now. We might sell the family van as well because no one knows how to drive. I asked if i can have it instead, Mom said it's too big for me so if my dad agrees , they would sell the van and buy a car then I will drive it. Lucky ~ .

Sunday, my last day at the house, I was watching Dukes of Hazzard, when the power went out. I went out of my room to help my grandma find the matches and candles. Then I sat on the sofa and did nothing for a few minutes. The silence was deafening if you block out the noise of the crikets. I tried to take a nap but it was darn to hot. I went back to my room hoping that my bed would be a lot colder than the sofa, it wasn't. >.< . I looked at the clock and it was only 7:30 in the evening. The black out was driving nuts, and I wanted t pack my bags and leave for my apartment right then and there. However, worry is keeping me from leaving the house. I can't leave my grandma home alone god knows what will happen if I left her with the candles. Then the thought of burglars getting into our house as well. Last night someone threw a rock at our roof so that got me so worried. So i chucked the idea of leaving early out the window and willed myself to sleep. I drifted in and out because of the heat, the third time I woke up it was 3:30 AM, I couldn't go back to sleep so I repared to go to work.

I really hate power outages, so whenever there was one, I always come to the office and stay there until the power is restored. I'd rather endure working than staying at the house w/ no electricity and doing nothing.
Lilith @ 10:32 AM 0Listeners

Greed clouds people's judgment.

Both sides are fueled by GREED. No matter how you look at it both sides are WRONG , wrong because they are only thinking of themselves. How I wish they would stop and look at the world around them. Think of what their actions would do to the world.

Pftt, dream on Lilith, you'll grow old, die, reincarnated, GREED would still be there. You offer them a hand they will take your arm. No matter how hard you try to please them, they will not be satisfied!

Fuck you GREED!
Lilith @ 12:20 PM 0Listeners