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ONGAKU FESTIVAL!! nov13 @premiere THX cnema.Featuring Live bands! Jmusic Fashion show, Auction n more! tkets @120php. see you there!

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Premiere Cinema / THX

On November 13, 2004, Ongaku Society is holding a major indoor event called “OngakuFestival: A Celebration of Japanese Music in the Philippines�, at the premiere THX cnema in Makati City. Through this event, we hope to introduce more people to the wonders of modern Japanese music, and further spread awareness and appreciation for this unique art form.

During OngakuFestival, independent bands from all over Metro Manila can showcase their skills and talent for recreating popular Japanese tunes, as well as producing their own original, Japanese music-influenced tracks.

Local fans of Japanese artists can get together for a good time, outdoing each other in a fashion show of their best rock-inspired outfits, similar to those found in Tokyo’s popular Harajuku district. Other Japanese-oriented online communities and local organizations can also be present at the event to promote their own groups and pursuits, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and friendship across a diverse range of interests.
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