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I haven't played RO for a very long while, when I mean play, not public apperances using my sprite but, leveling up, partying with others, and going on adventures using a normal character. How I missed playing RO,I was busy with work that I hardly log in and play. So last week end, me and my friends decided to catch up on old time, we decided to make new characters as a sign of a fresh start. It took sometime for them to get the hang of it because they've forgotten how to play. We chose the acolyte class, 2 monks and one priest. Everything was fine till, we got those annoying "pa heal po pls, pa buffs po pls". SUre, a heal and buff wouldn't hurt, but if they keep on coming back and asking for more, I kinda got inotmy nerve. I started to declined their request, and what do I get, either the KS us, or call me "Madamot". I don't get it, for me priests are not born to be slaves, sure our job description is to serve God and others, but that doesn't mean that we should be treated as slaves. Ohter players survived without a priest at thier side so why do they always ask us for heals and buffs? Instead of concentrating on our own mission, most of our time are spent on giving heals and buffs at every players request. Its tiring at the same time annoying, we have our own lives and own parties to attend to. When will they ever learn to be independent? Even if its just for a little while.

I remember I was sitting at nearby store, resting regaining my SP whe a player approaches me and asks for a heal, I declined him and what did he do, he harrassed me, called me names. I let that one go, but sometimes there only so much a person can take.There are some who ask for heals and buffs and when you give it to them, they would just simply walk away, like duh? A simple /thx or Thanks you would do.

For me priests are the most abused job in RO. BUt I still like it....

The post above is my personal opinion, and should not be mistaken as an offcial statement. This is a PERSONAL BLOG FOR CHRISSAKES!
Lilith @ 9:30 PM 3Listeners