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Why is it that everytime something happens they blame us.

In their eyes, we always do the wrong things. Even if we do a good job, there will always someone who would complain then another one, then another one, until almost all of them are now complaining, telling us how lousy we are. If only they knew how hard our job really is. Sure we are called ** but that doesn't mean that all we do is play and play. We perform a lot of task inside the "world", we are the police, customer support, public servants, researchers, guidance councilors and event coordinators. Our duties doesn't end there we still have jobs to perform outside the "world".

And even tho' we are trying our best to give them the better is not best service. They don't see it because they are busy finding our flaws and pointing it out and rubbing it in our faces. Nobody deserves to be treated like rubbish. We are humans just like you, we deserve respect and understanding. If you were in our shoes, you go to work and the first thing you read are hurtful remarks. How would you feel? And that goes on until you get off from work.How would you feel when people poke their heads into your private lives? Making up rumors about your personal life? Accussed of doing something bad without enough evidence? FINDING YOUR LITTLEST FLAWS AND MAGNIFIES IT OUT OF PROPORTION AND MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT rather that finding something much more important to focus on? Why can't they just appreciated what we do once in a while? Is a little act of gratitude too much to ask?

I'm not being bitter or anything. Those are just frustrations that I wanted to let out.

As much as I would like to rant even more, I can't because I know that THEY would make a big deal of it.

Sheessh, minsan nakakainis na konting kibo mo kahit na para sa personal mong buhay, palalakihin nila, at ipinipilit isama sa pulitika at intriga ng "mundong" yon. Kagaya ngtiong blog ko na pati dito ay puro reklamo pa rin ang sinasabi.

Uulitin ko lang ito ay blog ko, mundo ko, dito ako nag papahinga at lumalagi kung gusto kong lumayo sa "mundong" iyon. Kaya kung pwede kung ano man mabasa nyo dito, wag nyo isama sa mga nag yayari at nababasa nyo doon. Kaya nga tinawag na PERSONAL eh.
Lilith @ 12:51 PM 2Listeners

The Amatsu and Kunlun launch was a success! All that sleepless nights,"battle scars", and severe emotional stress were worth it. To top it all of, I got Battlechaser's thumbs up with my performance regarding the cosplay competition. As well as the cosplayers.

It was my first time to head a cosplay competition. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Thankfully all that volunteering I did with the past cosplay events, and the fact that I have friends who organize cosplay events helped me a lot. Yes we were al happy with the outcome, especially me. But I feel that I can do better that that. ^^

Again I wanna THANK all the people who helped me. And helped the Amatsu and Kunlun launch sucessful.

I just wished our (me, odine and mikou) former boss have seen that. Its a proof that that we've grown a lot better and we strived to make him proud. ^^
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Yeah, many students wish that they would graduate soon. But we graduates wish to be students again. Why? Here are the perks of being a student

1. No classes during typhoons , holidays and weekends. Working people like us don't. T_T

2. When you got kicked out of a school,its easy to find another one. If you got fired, good luck in finding another job, due to our unstable economy, getting a decent job is considered a "stroke of luck".

3.And last and certainly the best. ALLOWANCE, most students have their parents to pay for them. Unlike when you are woking, you have to excert more effort in earning your money, and most parents cut off their children's allowance when they have their own jobs. And no vat will be deducted on allowance

Hay, I miss being a student, where I don't have to pay for anything, I would just have to ask from my parents. And no TAX deductions. Since you don't pay for anything like electric bills, phone bills, food, you have your allowance all by yourself. You can buy anything you want with it, without worrying that you'll starve becasue you don't know where to get some money.

You'll probably wonder why I'm whining, its because of the damn VAT, I'm barely making enough money to support my self, and then the government will deduct even more? What will happen to us?

Yes I'm broke, at first I could't believe it, said to my self, how can I be broke, when I have a job, then it hit me, I have bills to pay now, and government obligations to fulfill.

SO guys, especially kids who still rely on their parents. You're lucky, because you don't feel the financial strain that your parents feel right now, and don't be in a hurry to graduate. Enjoy the "luxury" that you have. And for those who have allowances, learn to save and make the most out of it!

Mahirap ang buhay ngayon, maawa kayo sa magulang ninyo na nag papakapagod magtrabaho kumita lang ng pera.

As my officemate said "Sana umulang ng pera sa Pilipinas" .
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